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ASUS ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II Gaming Notebook Review

Remember the ASUS ROG STRIX GL503 Scar / Hero gaming laptop ?! Laptop gaming specifically designed for eSport games with the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) finally got the successor, the ROG STRIX GL504 Scar II / Hero II. Of course for the 2018 edition this time, the ROG STRIX GL504 Scar II / Hero II features today’s PC technology such as Intel’s HEXA-CORE processor, a “gaming-grade” screen that spoils the eyes, RAM with a higher standard of speed, super fast SSD storage PCIe, a powerful graphics card from NVIDIA, and also a “gaming grade” keyboard specifically designed for faster and more accurate input. All capabilities are packaged into a laptop body that has a charming design but remains sturdy and strong when used.


In this article we will review the ASUS ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II, the highest variant of the ROG GL504 STRIX line. Aimed at competitive games with the FPS genre, the hardware specifications of this gaming laptop are indeed classified as very “luxurious”. It seems that ASUS wants to make sure the ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II is capable of running the eSport FPS game with a frame rate of 144 fps or the same as the screen refresh rate used. Such high specifications also ensure the ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II is ready to run games with maximum visual levels without sacrificing comfort factors. With this level of performance that is as great as that, how much more great is that trying to offer ASUS on this ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II ?!

Like other ASUS gaming laptops in the same price class, the ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II is powered by an Intel Core i7 8750H. The latest “toy” from Intel is indeed special because it has used SIX processor core configurations. Makes computing performance up considerably compared to previous generation processors, even if compared to the 7820HK Core i7 though. Even with the technology of Hyper-Threading, the Core i7 8750H is able to handle 12 computational processes at the same time making it suitable for handling applications that like a large number of threads. The working speed of this hexa-core processor is 2.2 GHz for base clock speed and can go up even higher up to 4.1 GHz thanks to Turbo Boost 2.0 technology.

ASUS combines a Core i7 8750H processor with an FCBGA1440 socket motherboard based on the Intel HM370 chipset.

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ASUS ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II is sold for the Indonesian market with memory / DDR4 RAM (1.2 Volt) with 32 GB capacity and 2666 MHz speed. The capacity and speed are the maximum capabilities supported by the ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II. Making the owner of this gaming laptop do not need to be bothered to upgrade memory / RAM components in the future. Of course the dual channel memory configuration is active on the ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II, which makes the overall system performance more leverage.

To ensure the perfect gaming experience for ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II owners, this laptop is powered by a GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card (non Max-Q). Graphics cards with that much power also make the ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II able to easily reach the target frame rate of 144 fps in competitive FPS games without the need to make many sacrifices on visual quality. NVIDIA technology Optimus is not active on this gaming laptop to make sure every game is DEFINITELY run by the NVIDIA graphics card. Even so this makes the usage time with battery power very short.

Powered by the GP104 GPU with 2048 CUDA Cores specifications, 128 Texture Units, and 64 ROP Units, the ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II GTX 1070 ensures that every game played appears with maximum visual quality without sacrificing play comfort factors. Plus the GTX 1070 is equipped with a GDDR5 chip with a capacity of 8 GB which is ready to handle even the most voracious modern memory games. The ROG STRIX GL504GS Scar II GTX 1070 GPU itself has a working speed of 1443 MHz for the GPU base clock with 1645 MHz for GPU boost clock. While the maximum working speed of GPU GP104 on a gaming laptop can reach 1721 MHz. While the working speed of memory / GDDR5 VRAM is as fast as 8008 MHz or the same as other GTX 1070 variants.