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These are 4 Easy Ways to Fix a Charger

If there is a small problem when recharging the battery, it is guaranteed you will be confused abysmal. Whether it’s failing in total, slow, or the percentage of battery ups and downs, you must feel dizzy and impatient.

Not infrequently people immediately conclude if charging is problematic means that the cellphone starts to break. Even though this is not necessarily the case.

In fact, most charging problems can actually be solved easily without needing to go to the service center let alone buy new.

So, if there are obstacles to charging you, try some ways to repair the following damaged charger before you buy new. If you want to buy new charger you can visit TokoNanoSamsung.

fix broken charger

Problem Charging? These are 8 ways to repair a damaged charger

1. Fix the Strip Position on the USB Port

If you notice, in the middle of the USB port there is a small strip. The strip is sometimes loose and makes the USB plug unstable. That’s what often causes the cellphone to not be charging properly.

For that you need to fix it to return to the right and stable position. It’s easy, you just need to bring it up a little using a toothpick. This trick works for most charging problems.

2. Clean the Dust

The presence of dust or dirt clogged in the USB port can also inhibit the flow of electrical power. Try to manually blow tightly or use a straw.

If this method is still unsuccessful, use canned air compressors. Stronger air blows from the compressor will definitely work to get rid of all the blockages in the port.

3. Change Cable

The cable is the part of the charger that is most easily damaged. Especially if the cable is often rolled, bent, pulled, or left stuck even though it is no longer used. Try changing your cable and see how it works.

Don’t buy wires carelessly. Choose the current that matches your charger. You can see the information on the label on your charger adapter. One more thing, try to choose a thick cable that is not easily damaged.

4. Use the correct charger

Even though the shape of the plug is the same, not all chargers can charge your battery as well as the original default charger. The difference in current can result in slow charging or even a battery that can leak easily.

If you need to use a universal charger or other mobile charger, you should make sure that the charger has the same current and voltage as your original charger.

Charging from a power bank, laptop or other source will also not be as maximum as charging from an original charger.

5. Check the battery

Smartphone batteries are not designed to work optimally forever. Usually, after passing the age of 2 years, the battery starts to show signs of obsolescence. You can see this clearly.

Try turning off the smartphone and removing the battery. Notice whether the battery is slightly bulging or there is liquid coming out. If so, it means it’s time to buy a new battery.
Don’t forget, buy the original so that the quality is guaranteed.

5 Good Fruits for Pregnant Mother and Their Benefits

At present there are still many pregnant women who pay less attention to intake during pregnancy. In fact, pregnant women should have a healthy diet than before pregnancy. One healthy diet that can be done is by eating fruit. What are some good fruits for pregnant women?

Many health experts recommend that pregnant women provide a good intake for themselves and their fetuses. One good intake is to increase fruit intake, especially for young pregnant women.

Why is fruit important for pregnant women and fetuses?

fruit that is good for pregnant women

Nutritious intake is very important for pregnant women and fetuses. Nutritious intake is very important because it affects fetal development and the health of pregnant women. If pregnant women do not eat nutritious food, the baby will experience permanent changes in the physiology and metabolism in the uterus.

Fruit is one type of intake that contains important nutrients and has an important role to play in creating a healthy pregnancy. Eating fruit will guarantee you to get a very important intake of nutrients, namely vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These nutrients are needed by the body during pregnancy. By the way, this article was written by the author of Baca Mania.

These are the fruits for young pregnant women and their benefits
Of the many fruits in the world, there are several fruits that are very good for young pregnant women. Some fruits for young pregnant women have different benefits. So, it is highly recommended to consume various types of fruit to get various benefits.

The following are good fruits for young pregnant women, including:

1. Banana

The best fruit for the first pregnant woman is banana. Banana is a type of fruit for young pregnant women. This is because, bananas contain a lot of potassium. Potassium is one of the important minerals.

Benefits of Bananas for pregnant women: Potassium has the benefit of maintaining a balance between fluids and electrolytes in your body. This is why bananas can overcome cramps and fatigue.

2. Apples

Apples are a good fruit for young pregnant women because they contain vitamins C, A, E, D, fiber and zinc. Apple is not only delicious but also rich in benefits.

Benefits of Apples for pregnant women: Various nutrients in apples make this fruit also has many benefits. Apples are useful for accelerating fetal growth. In addition, apples are also beneficial for reducing the risk of asthma and eczema. Another benefit of apples for young pregnant women is to keep the immune system and digestive system in good condition.

3. Orange

Citrus fruits are also included in the type of fruit that is good for pregnant women and fetuses. Citrus fruits contain lots of vitamin C, folate, and also water.

Benefits of Orange for pregnant women: The water content in oranges prevents pregnant women from dehydration. While the content of folate in oranges is useful for preventing the fetus from developing brain and spinal cord defects. The content of vitamin C is useful as an antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage and helps absorb iron.

4. Avocados

Avocado is also a good fruit for young pregnant women. Avocados contain many nutrients such as vitamins C, B, K, fiber, choline, folate, magnesium, and potassium. Even avocados have very high levels of folate.

Benefits of Avocados for pregnant women: The content of potassium and magnesium in avocados is useful to help relieve nausea. In addition, the benefits of avocados for pregnant women are also able to eliminate leg cramps, maintain brain and nerve development in infants, and keep pregnant women away from heart disease.

5. Mango

Mango is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Both of these nutrients make fruit mangoes good for pregnant women. In general, the taste of sweet mangoes can be an alternative if you want to eat sweet foods.
Mango benefits for pregnant women: The content of vitamin C is useful for regulating digestion, reducing constipation, and freeing you of minor infections. Vitamin A is also beneficial for maintaining immunity and preventing diseases such as diarrhea and respiratory infections.